Born in a working-class neighborhood in Montreal, Alexandre developed a talent for drawing very early on. A talent that he refines during his studies in graphic design and fashion design. Alongside his studies, he worked on the creation of atypical timepieces.

A hard worker and entrepreneur at heart, he founded two companies in Montreal, employing forty artisans, whose activities are still flourishing today.

In 2011, at the age of 35, Alexandre founded BEAUREGARD joaillerie mécanique SA and embarked on the great adventure of watchmaking. The next five years became an exploration and learning experience as he reached out to leaders from different fields, some of which would become friends and collaborators.

He is the head of a team of enthusiasts, who are all a little crazy and incredibly talented. He is the head of BEAUREGARD.

Totally dedicated, Alexandre is at the heart of all aspects of the brand.
From the purchase of the stones to their transformation.
From the design to the movement of each watch .
Passion never sleeps !

BEAUREGARD joaillerie mécanique SA

A Swiss Watchmaking and Jewelery House based in Geneva, BEAUREGARD offers personalized, exceptional timepieces, adorned with sublime stones that are hand-cut in its Montreal workshop.

The industrial structure of BEAUREGARD is supported by a renowned team of Swiss partners, with access to unique skills and an incomparable level of quality and excellence.

BEAUREGARD operates on the principle of TOTAL SWISS MANUFACTURING, which is largely above the requirements of SWISS MADE and guarantees a product of impeccable quality and peace of mind for both the customer and the brand.


A collection of women's watches in Gold, adorned with rare and atypical stones, Premier Amour is animated by our Pavillion mechanical movement system. With its faceted bridges on three levels, the back side of our movement presents a spectacular floral and technical allegory, worthy of the Swiss haute horlogerie of which it is derived.

With 130 grams of fine gold, 35 carats of sublime stones and 140 hours of hand-made work for the set models,
Premier Amour spares no expense and offers the best in everything!


Because of the extremely complex and meticulous work required to craft each of our watches, our production capacity is very limited and is often dictated by the exhaustion or the extreme rarity of certain stones.


It all starts with exceptional materials and a worldwide network of partners.
A real journey of adventure, the acquisition of several of our GEMS is done directly at the mine.

Delivered to our Montreal workshop, their authenticity and quality is validated by our internationally renowned gemologist, Mrs. Odile Civitello.

The preparation of the material consists of removing any impurities and fractures in order to preserve only the finest quality gems. This fastidious step reduces the usable material by 80%.

Cut to a precision of two hundredths of a millimeter, each stone is inspected extremely rigorously.

Finally, of the acquired material, only a tenth of the purest are used for the creation of the 66 stones dressing our full set models.


Whether for a periodic maintenance, a dressing or repair, any manipulation is done at our workshop of La-Chaux-de-Fonds, where your watch was born.

The prices for the majority of our services are communicated upon request. For any major repair due to accident or replacement of stone, a complete examination of the watch is necessary for the establishment of a quote.

It goes without saying that all of our watches are guaranteed for life against any manufacturing or assembly defect.