Lili Candy is a treat on the wrist, leaving the garden for the candy store, it captures all the juicy plumpness of a sweet.

This pick-and-mix of gold, diamonds, opals, topaz and amethyst is a joyful and mischievous creation that harnesses the Maison’s unique savoir-faire.

Lili Bouton

This Lili Candy in 18k White Gold is adorned with our crazy candy haute Joaillerie handmade dial in a multitude of precious stones.
CHF 35 000

The Gems of the Candy dial all have diferent hardness and unique characteristic wich makes the carving and polishing of this crazy piece quite unforgiving.

For every finished dial, we have 2 or 3 that breaks making this watch our most challenging to craft yet.

Brazilian Carnelian, German Topaz, mexican Opal, Urugayan Amethyst, Australian Chrysoprase and Turquish White opal are part of this cosmopolitan watch.