This is passion

Alexandre started creating atypical timepieces with a friend in his dad’s garage when he was just 17.

Over time, Alexandre elaborated on his ideas, developing them through sketches and trials, inventing and reinventing, learning and refining, to turn his passion into reality.

Guided by instinct, this intensely personal quest led him to work with world renowned craftsmen whose talent and knowledge have helped refine his creative vision.

20 years later, he founded BEAUREGARD SA in Geneva. Reinterpreting the traditional idea of a jewellery watch, Beauregard brings watchmaking and jewellery together in an entirely new way. Distinctive, contemporary and unquestionably precious, Beauregard’s watches are immediately recognizable.

At its foundation, Beauregard has a deeply human dimension. The joy of a shared passion.

This is lapidary art

Introduced by a common friend, Alexandre and world-renowned lapidary artist Yves Saint-Pierre quickly became friends. Impressed by Alexandre’s commitment and passion, Yves was eager to pass on his vast knowledge of the lapidary art.

This enduring friendship is the foundation for Beauregard’s complex gem works, lighting Alexandre’s creativity ablaze and opening a world of possibilities that can be seen in every piece he has created to this day.

This is a world of gems

The year they met, Yves took Alexandre to the Tucson Gem Show in Arizona - the biggest event of its kind in the world.

Not only was it an eye-opening experience for Alexandre, it was the beginning of an unwavering passion for beautiful stones that became the impetus for the creation of the dahlia collection.

Attending every year since then, Alexandre developed an ever- expanding circle of suppliers and friends that have given him unprecedented access to an exceptional range of materials that very often are sourced directly from the mine.

This is jewellery

Handcrafted to a precision of 0.01 millimeter, each petal is a work of art. Stones all have their own structures, composition and cleavage, making the work quite unforgiving and very challenging.

The aesthethic of the dial calls for a mechanical setting wich lets the eye see the whole of the stones without the interference of prongs.

This is grand mechanics

Three years of meticulous planning, extensive testing and painstaking work were necessary to ensure the total stability and accuracy of our Flying Tourbillon.

The delicate open floral work of the bridges, the clear ruby and the finish of every component is a beautiful tribute to the careful attention and elaborate details that went into the creation of this piece of art.

Developed with our partners, Franck and Johnny from Telos in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the intricacies and craftsmanship of the Beauregard Flying Tourbillon are the natural by-product of their exacting standards and unparalleled talent.

This is art

Each Dahlia is a meticulously handcrafted piece unique featuring an irreplaceable miniature garden of gems.

To keep the face untouched and the focus on the artwork, the Beauregard name is engraved on the back, as is customary with highly treasured works of art.

By today’s standards, the time needed to craft each piece is closer to an art piece than an industrialised product.